She stood there across the bridge
Above the still river
It was dark
No one saw her

There she screamed and cried
She took out all the pain she had
She was truly broken
She was left with no heart nor emotions

She forgot to laugh
She forgot to smile
She forgot the word happiness

As she said her last words
Tears flew out of her eyes
She chocked as she spoke

And when the time finally came
She took a step forward
Towards the edge of the bridge
Another step then other
Until the darkness overcame her
And the river took her to the place of death


Do you still remember the times

When we’d stay up late at night

Just gazing at the stars

The times when we’d wake up

In the middle of the night

Because we were scared of thunders

Do you still remember the times

When you’d tell me, how much

you love the sound of my voice

Begging me to send another voice note

Do you still remember the times

When we’d show how weak and vulnerable

We actually are, the real person that hid within us

Do you still remember those times, Darling?

The times when we’d never stop laughing

The times when the days went fast and nights favoured us

Do you Darling? Because those were the times

That refuses to leave my heart,

Denies to let my brain function

And forces my eyes to cry an ocean

For you, for us, for our memories and our tainted love..


About Me!!!

Hello bloggers!
I am Pink Princess, i love everything about pink, princesses and romance..
I can be described as a really complicated person because i dont know :D…. I love writing poems and little gibberish thoughts about life and love..
My writings are still gibberish and unpolished so enter here at your own risk ;)….
@dailypinkprincess 💕

P.S- all my works are copyright so please dont Plagarise

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